Naturals Products

Camel Dust Sandstone 

Autumn Brown

Dholpur White Sandstone 

Desert Dhari Sandstone

Agra Red Sandstone

Gardha Yellow Sandstone

Teckwood Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Kher Sandstone

Lalitpur Grey Sandstone

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone

Mandana Red Sandstone

Tint Mint Sandstone

Mint Sandstone

Natural Modak Dry

Raj Green Sandstone

Ravina Sandstone

Sager Black Sandstone 

Tint Mint Sandstone

Yellow Dhari Sandstone

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality -The Prime Concern:
    NS Granite has always laid solid emphasis on quality. our quality experts team,work continuously to provide best quality stones according to the customer's demand. Our mission is to supply products conforming to International quality standards.

  • Competitive Pricing:
    We adopt cost-effective techniques of production to provide our clients the best quality products at the best possible prices. We strive to keep the material / labour cost and our overheads to the lowest and hence guarantee the most competitive prices.

  • We believe in Customer Delights:
    We sincerely believe in high business ethics as far as relations with our customers are concerned. We strongly intend to develop a closer support and long-term business relationship with our customers.